Bangkok Kitchen

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Lunch Menu

Lunch Specials


 (Open-3:00 pm)

All served with a spring roll and green salad

Side Dish

S1. Spring Roll (2 pcs)                                    3.99



L1. Pad Thai                                                   11.99  

Pan-fried rice noodle with authentic Thai tamarind sauce, prawn, egg, tofu, bean sprouts, green onion and topped with ground peanuts.


L2. Red Curry w/ rice                                    11.99  

Beef or chicken in red curry paste, coconut milk, bamboo shoot and Thai sweet basil.


L3. Green Curry w/ rice                                 11.99    

Beef or chicken in green curry paste, coconut milk, eggplant & bamboo shoots and Thai sweet basil.


L4. Chicken with Cashew Nuts w/ rice         11.99  

Sautéed sliced chicken, cashew nuts, onion, carrots and bell-peppers in Thai roasted chili sauce.


L5. Vegetarian Delight w/ rice                       11.99  

Stir fried mixed vegetable with special homemade sauce.


L6. Gai Prig-King                                            11.99

Sautéed sliced chicken in red curry paste with fresh green beans and red pepper.


L7. Pad Khing w/ rice                                    11.99  

Sautéed sliced beef or chicken with fresh ginger, mushrooms, peppers, onions and green onions in fermented soy bean sauce.


L8. Pad Gra-Prow w/ rice                              11.99  

Sautéed sliced beef or chicken with fresh Thai hot basil, onions and chili peppers in Thai chili garlic sauce.


L9. Fried Rice                                                11.99    

Fried rice with chicken, eggs, green onions and tomatoes.

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